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501(c)(3) non profit

Statement of Purpose: Sock It Too ‘Em Inc. recognizes that something as simple as socks can help to better lives. With this in mind, our mission is to give new socks to every person who needs them, with the hope that we can make every step people take a little easier.


My name is Chad. It is a big help because foot hygiene is kinda hard to do out here, so that helps out tremendously. It means a lot that somebody actually does think cause most people really don’t. They have their own lives going on and it’s hard to think of others. It just helps out tremendously seeing as how we have to trek everywhere we go. Having cleaner feet and everything helps out tremendously.

You see them on the streets all over town.  Your first thought is usually, “I bet they could use a good meal”.  You say to yourself, I heard about soup kitchens and shelters around town so you assume they will find a meal somewhere and you just go on about your business and forget about them. 


Hi! My name is Jon and I can tell you from personal experience, finding your next meal is not always the most important thing for a person living on the street.  I myself struggled with addiction and homelessness for many years. I was always on my feet, looking for my next meal and a safe place to sleep.  I personally know what it is like to not have even a clean pair of socks.  There were days that I would have gladly skipped that free meal for a new pair of socks. I am a former street kid. I was out on the streets by the age of fourteen. I have been clean since July Fourth weekend of 03. There has been a lot of restoration and forgiveness in my life.  I remember feeling like I wanted to help in some way. I didn’t feel led to give money. So I went for six weeks and hung out with the homeless one day per week for a few hours. In this time it came to me to do this, “give out socks”.  That being said it is not only the homeless we reach. We are here for anyone who has this need. Click here to learn more about what we do.


All the socks that we distribute, come from donations of new socks or cash donations so that we can purchase new socks to be given to people in need. With the winter fast approaching, the need for socks will increase a great deal.  Click here to find out how you can help. 


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